There has been a terrible wildfire raging in the Colorado Springs area this past week. It is called Black Forest Blaze. The firefighters are now starting to contain the fire.
Two souls have perished in this fire.
This morning, I read that about 500 houses have been lost. Some people, who had been evacuated, are just beginning to go back and have a look

From NASA, taken on June 12, 2013.

UnitedStates_tmo_2013163 Black Forest Blaze 6 12 2013From the US Forest Service, A C-130 cargo plane spreading fire-retardant over the wildfires. Taken June 12, 2013.

maffs-plane-lg USFSUS map of the states  by, Environmental Protection agency. I drew a red line in the state of Colorado. Colorado has the Rocky Mountains in its borders.

us_map EPA COThis map shows the location on the Rocky Mountains in the US  by, Lynn Topinka, US Geological Survey. I put a blue X on the state of Colorado.

Rocky_mountains_usa_map Lynn Topinka USGS COColorado Springs is in the Southern Rockies. Its most famous mountain peak is called Pikes Peak. It is in the eastern potion of this part of the Rockies.

A modified satellite image by Wikimedia Commons User:terraprints,

407px-Colorado_Springs_map WCThe rest of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

This is a view of Colorado Springs from Pikes Peak  by, DrunkDriver.

Colorado_Springs_from_Pikes_Peak_Nov_2010 DrunkDriver WCPikes Peak  by, Viewfromthepeak.

PikesPeakFromUCCS Viewfromthepeak WCI am showing one picture from the parks around Colorado Springs. It gives a very small look at this lovely part of the world.

These two pictures are by, CaroleHanson.

Bear Creek Regional Park.

Bear_Creek_Regional_Park_2 CaroleHenson WCBear Creek Canon Park.

Bear_Creek_Cañon_Park_-_Bear_Creek_-_Just_off_Bear_Creek_Road CaroleHenson WCNorth Cheyenne Canyon Park.

North_Cheyenne_Canyon_Park_CO_2009 Dennis Graham WCMonument Valley Park  by, Jeffrey Beall.

Monument_Valley_Park CO Jeffery Beall WCPalmer Park  by, Rick.

Palmer_Park(1) Rick WCProspect Lake, Memorial Park  by, DarlAuthurS.

Memorial Park Prospect Lake DarlAuthurS WCThis last picture is of Garden of the Gods Park  by, John Fowler from Placitas, NM, USA.

Garden_of_the_Gods_(6174065038) John Fowler from Placitas NM USA WC