I bought a Wave Petunia in a 6 inch pot on May 20.
When I got it home, I watered it and put the pot in a hanging basket.

HB ls sdjThis is what the roots at the bottom of the pot looked like.

pink pot petI took a picture of it on May 26.

pet porch  5 26June 10.

6 10 pet June 12.

pet hang 6 12On June 15, I transplanted the Wave Petunia from the 6 inch pink pot to the blue 10 inch pot.

The empty hanging basket.empty hbThe Wave Petunia in the pink pot.

pet pinkI took the Wave Petunia out of the pink pot.

6 15 roots petI put water in with the potting mix and stirred it up.

stuff pet transI filled the blue pot with about 2 inches of potting soil.
I placed the plant into the blue pot. Next, I gently stuffed potting soil down the sides of the roots. I patted the soil down so that there wouldn’t be any air pockets. Air pockets allow water to flow away from the roots and not all of the roots get water.
I put a bit of soil at the top of the Wave Petunia roots.

pet  blue potI put the blue pot into the hanging basket. The hard part was getting the strings on the hanging basket in amongst the stems. I only broke one little stem.

pet pot blI separated the stems to make them a tad more even around the sides of the basket. I cut two of the stems apart that had grown together.
I had debated cutting all of the stems to the same length, but decided not to do that.
On June 17, I watered and gave the Wave Petunia a light feeding.
The Petunia looks very happy today.

These last four pictures are of the Wave Petunia hanging outside.

pet mspet hang 6 12hang transmcu pet hang