If you have a chance, go to a golf course and have a look around.
Aside from the golfers, there are acres of beautiful greens.
The grass on golf courses is taken care of very well. It’s a lot of work and it’s worth it.
I just wanted to look at pretty serene pictures today and these are the ones that i found to share with you.

The first two pictures are by, R. Engelhardt, German Wikipedia.

640px-2010-08-18-Golf-Senne-Fairway-3 R. Engelharde de wiki640px-2003-06-08-Novo-St-Petri-6 R. Englehardt de wikiBy, Easchiff, Wikimedia Commons.

Golf_course_-_Green_Lakes_State_Park Easchiff WCBy, Mikofkim, English Wikipedia.

640px-18th_green_at_Meadowlands_Country_Club Mikofkim en wikiBy, Ndavies2, English Wikipedia.

Wailea_Gold_Golf_Course Ndavies2 en wikiThis last picture is by Petey21, Wikimedia Commons.

640px-Veckefjardens_Golf_Club Petey21 WC