I’ve been trying to take pictures of birds. They do not cooperate at all. When they are sitting, they take off. When they are flying, they are going too fast.

Mourning doves are a mid size bird and grayish brown in color.  The male and female look pretty much alike and it can be hard to tell them apart.
They eat seeds.

They can fly up to speeds of 55 miles per hour. This could explain why I didn’t find any pictures of these birds in flight.

The call of the Mourning Dove gave the bird its name. Sometimes, the call is confused with an owl’s song.

Mourning Doves head south for the winter and come back north in the spring. Not all of them do this.

The Map  by, Users: Miss Madeline and W. E.Pluribus Anthony. This shows the range of the Mourning Dove.

MourningDoveRange User Miss Madeline and W.  User E Pluribus Anthony en wikiAn egg in a nest  by, Mr. Walsh, English Wikipedia.

320px-Mourning_Dove_Egg Mr. Walsh en wikiMother and baby  by, Ancheta Wis, English Wikipedia.

NestlingMourningDoveNestlingsAndMourningDoveMother Ancheta Wis en wikiJuvenile  by, Mdf, Wikimedia Commons.

302px-Zenaida_macroura2 Mdf WCA pair  by, Handyplants, Wikimedia Commons.

Zenaida_macroura_pair Handyplants WCAn adult  by, Kazvorpal, Wikimedia Commons.

Turtledove Kazvorpal WCA flock of Doves  by, Dori, Wikimedia Commons.

320px-Doves_3716 Dori WCThis last picture is of another adult  by, Athepal, English Wikipedia.

336px-Mourning_Dove_-sky-2-4c Athepal en wiki