I don’t have much to say about the White Cliffs of Dover except they are incredible to see, even in pictures. They are on the English side of the Strait of Dover.
If you get to go there, spend at least a few days wandering around and looking at the different areas of the cliffs.

Most of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons. I’ll label those that aren’t from there.

The Map.

Location of the White Cliffs of Dover  by, NormanEinstein.

800px-White_Cliffs_of_Dover_map NormanEinstein WCBy, Michael Rowe, English Wikipedia.

450px-Cliffs_of_Dover_erosion michael Rowe en wikiBy, Eulveitie.

398px-Dover_-_White_Cliffs Eluveitie WCBy, User: Tanarai.

White_cliffs_of_dover_09_2004 USer Tondarai WCA view from France  by, Rolf Sussbrich.

France_manche_vue_dover Rolf Sussbrich WCBy, Remi Jouan.

640px-Douvres_(6) Remi Jouan WCBy, Eluveitie.

640px-Lighthouse_in_Dover Eluveitie WCBy, Michael Rowe, English Wikipedia.

450px-Cliffs_of_Dover Michael Rowe en wikiBy, Ian Wilson from London, England.

White_Cliffs_of_Dover_(264098158) Ian WIlson from London England WCBy, Remi Jouan.

Douvres_(4) Remi Jouan WCBy, Gary Turner.

White_Cliffs_of_Dover_-_geograph.org.uk_-_1014 Gary Turner WCThis last picture is by, Immanuel Giel.

White_Cliffs_of_Dover_02 Immanuel Giel WC