It’s hot and humid around here. The heat may last for the entire week.

I thought I would show you places where it is cooler than here.

The pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.


The Map.

By, User:Mschlindwein.

488px-Antarctica_Map User Mschlindwein WCThese two pictures were taken by Jerzy Strzeliki.

640px-Antarctic_(js)_29 Jerzy Strzeleki WC640px-Antarctic_(js)_25 Jerzy Strzelecki WCThe rest of the pictures are from the state of Alaska, US.

The Map.

Alaska is colored red  by, User:Roke.

Alaska_locator User Roke WCThis is a picture of the Summer Solstice at midnight in Wrangell St. Elias National Park and Reserve.

1017230_619577501393721_1173562596_n Wrangell St Elias Ntl Park Reserve Solstice midniteSnow Covered equipment  by, Rear Admiral Haley D. Nygren, NOAA.

Equipment_covered_by_snow_over_the_winter_-_NOAA Rear Admiral harley D. Nygren NOAAAirplane Tracks in the snow on Noatak River  by, Goldmann Jo, US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Airplane_tracks_in_the_snow_on_the_Noatak_river Goldmann Jo USFWSThis last picture is of Glacier Park at sunrise  by, National Park Service.

BNYdwOBCcAA0owe Sunrise Glacier Park nps