I was a tiny bird flying around and didn’t know what it was called. I looked up a lot of birds and found that it was a Finch.
There are more kinds of Finches than I could have ever imagined.

I found pictures of three kinds of Finches, male and female of each.

All of the pictures are From Wikimedia Commons.

The first two pictures were taken in Scotland,  male and female Cardules cabaret  by, Mark Medcalf.

Ladies first.

Carduelis_cabaret_-Lochwinnoch,_Renfrewshire,_Scotland_-female-8 Mark Medcalf WC394px-Carduelis_cabaret_-Lochwinnoch,_Renfrewshire,_Scotland_-male-8 Mark Medcalf WCFemale Chaffinch  by Tony Hisgett from Birmingham, England.

Female_Chaffinch_2c_(6713740819) Tony Hisgett from Birmingham England WCMale Chaffinch  by, MichaelMaggs.

340px-Fringilla_coelebs_(chaffinch),_male MichealMaggs WCThe last two pictures are of Carduels cannabina.

Ladies first  by, Tabdi.

Carduelis_cannabina_femaleTabdi WCMale  by, Joe Pell.

Carduelis_cannabina_-England_-male-8 Joe Pell WC