Phoenixzooentrance Spike Wilbury WCPicture taken by, Spike Wilbury, Wikimedia Commons.

There is a serious heat wave going on in the western US. Out east, we have heat, but not like that.
Death Valley is at 129 F.
Arizona is also very hot.
At the Phoenix Arizona Zoo, the people who care for the animals are busy making sure their charges are okay.
I found some pictures of unusual animals.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

The first two pictures were taken by John Sagredo from Chandler, Arizona, United States.

A Killdeer.

640px-Charadrius_vociferus_-Phoenix_Zoo,_Arizona,_USA-8a Killdeer John Sagredo WCA White Faced Ibis.

640px-Plegadis_chihi_-Phoenix_Zoo,_Arizona,_USA-8a John Segredo from Chandler Arizona united States WCA Squirrel Monkey  by, Jlahorn.

640px-Nice_squirrel_monkey Jlahorn WCTwo Gazelles  by, Mike Ruiz from Phoenix, Arizona.

Phoenix_Zoo_-_Mhorr_Gazelle Mike Ruiz from Phoenix Arizona WCClose up of an Ostrich  by, User:Newsum.

OstrichHead Newsum WC UserThe rest of the pictures were taken by, Dave Pape.

The Savannah section of the zoo.

640px-Savanna_-_Phoenix_Zoo Dave Pape WCA Giant Anteater.

Myrmecophaga_tridactyla_-_Phoenix_Zoo Giant Anteater Dave Pap WCWatusi Cattle.

640px-Watusi_cattle_-_Phoenix_Zoo Dave Pape WCThis last picture is of a Maned Wolf.

Chrysocyon_brachyurus_-_Phoenix_Zoo Maned Wolf Dave Pape WC