It is hot and humid around here. The western part of the US has high heat.
I thought it would be nice to look at some cool scenes of waves.

Pictures from Wikimedia Commons, I’ll label WC.

This is called a tube wave. A storm that is at a distance, causes this.

By, Misty, WC.

640px-The_tube Misty WCBy, Johntex WC.

640px-Gentle_waves_come_in_at_a_sandy_beach Johntex WCNOAA, DelawareII.

Ship1175_-_Flickr_-_NOAA_Photo_Library NOAA DelawareIIBy bri vos, WC.

Beautiful_water_scene_in_Bangladesh bri vos WCBy, Lswarte WC.

Boka_Pistol_in_het_Nationaal_Park_Shete_Boka Lswarte WCBy, PDphoto, WC.

640px-Ocean_surface_wave PDphoto WCBy, Neepster, English Wikipedia.

640px-Rhossili_06_05 Neepster en wikiThis last picture was taken by, Shalom Jacobovitz, WC.

640px-Mavericks_Surf_Contest_2010b Shalom Jacobovitz WC