Before there were traffic circles and overpasses to make finding your way in your car a guessing game, there were hedge mazes.
Hedge mazes need a fair amount of property because they are big. When mazes were in fashion, back in the day, that meant that you had to be rich to have the needed amount of land.
Mazes were like a game. Guests would walk through the tall bushes and be all atwitter if they got lost. I imagine that there was some hanky panky going on as well between the gentlemen and ladies.
I figure people were very bored and these mazes eased their lack of fun.
If you had a maze, you needed gardeners to maintain it. The bushes had to be trimmed and the paths kept neat.
I have been through a couple of mazes and I don’t understand them.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

By, Leiven Smits.

320px-Chenonceau_maze,_aerial_view Lieven Smits WCBY, amaianos.

Laberinto_de_Horta_(7992121789) amaianos WCBy, Stanley Howe.

Swallow_Hotel, Stanley Howe WCBy, Ross.

Ross WCBy, User:Stan Shebs.

320px-VanDusen_Botanical_Garden_maze User Stan Shebs WCBy, Ergosum89.

360px-Pineapple_maze_2 Ergosum89 WCBy, Andrea Schaufler.

320px-Labirinth_schonbrunn ANdra Schaufler WCThis last picture is by, Civertan.

Civertan WC