We are still have hot and muggy weather around here. People are drooping a bit as they walk on the sidewalks.

I saw some plants I hadn’t walked by before and thought I’d share them.


heucheraKnock Out Roses. These have become very popular in the past few years. They are lovely and seem to grow well without any trouble.

knock out rosesBy this time, Pansies are usually dried up. I saw a lot of Pansies doing just fine this year.

yellow pansiesThis color Lily has also become popular. I saw quite a few bunches of them planted in people’s gardens.

dk pink liliesThe second round of blooms have begun on hybrid Roses. The first was in mid to late May.

rose budThis last picture is of Shasta Daisies. I used to see them all over the place, but now, not so much.