Leaves may seem to be not much to look at. Not true. There are so many different kinds of leaves.
Indoor foliage plants can make a room seem serene.
If you take a walk near woods or any place where trees or plants grow, you will find something of interest. Some plant or leaf is bound to catch your eye.

This first picture is by, Fred Hsu, English Wikipedia.

319px-Taiwan_2009_JinGuaShi_Historic_Gold_Mine_Trail_Leading_to_Mining_Sites_FRD_8756 Fred Hsu en wikiThe rest of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

By, Jebulon.

Nandina_domestica_PfP Jebulon WCBY, C. T. Johansson.

240px-Ravenea_rivularis-IMG_0468 C. T. Johansson WCThese three pictures are by, Dominica Johannes Bergsma.

Veratrum_nigrum DominicusCarex_elata_‘Aurea_–_Bowles_Golden’ Dominicus Johannes  BergsmaWCHeuchera_'Caramel'_02 DominicusBy, Jebulon.

Gunnera Jebulon WCThis last picture is by, Avenue.

640px-Ice_plant_(Carpobrotus_edulis)_in_Muriwai_sand_dunes_IMG_102_1378 Avenue WC