People who sculpt ice use large tools and they are artists. It is a difficult art to get ice into shapes that please the eye.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

By, Markos Dubka.

640px-Schwan_aus_Eis Marko Dubka WCNativity Scene  by, Krzysztof Goc.

640px-Lodowa_szopka2 Krzysztof Goc WCAt the Kremlin  by, Lodo27 from Moscow, Russia.

450px-Volokolamsk_Kremlin_28 Lodo27 from Moscow Russia WC KremlinRed Square at Trafalgar Square  by, John Winfield.

'Red_Square' John Winfield WCTooth Fairies  by, SEWilco.

Tooth_Fairies_2008_Winter_Carnival SEWilco WCThis last picture is from Winterlude in Ottawa, Canada  by, Carl Henlein.640px-Winterlude_Ice_Train Carl Henliein WC Ottowa Canada