The weather around here has been hot and humid for weeks with no end in sight. It is the humidity that causes the discomfort. We did get a nice amount of rain yesterday.

Yellow flowers call out their presence. They show off their brightness like a child with a new toy. You can plant bunches of yellow flowers in a garden or a sporadic few for accent.

All of the Pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

Coastal Gazania  by, Alvesgaspar.

631px-Gazania_rigens-1 Alvesgasper WCAngel’s Trumpet  by, Kurt Stuber.

Brugmansia_aurea_12 Angel's Trumpet Kurt Stuber WCSilver Wattle by, Jebulon.

Mimosa_Colombe_d'Or_Saint_Paul_de_Vence Jebulon WC Silver WattleEastern Prickly Pear  by, Lenare Sevi.

Opuntia_humifusa_flower Lenare Sevi WC Eastern Prickley PearCommon Toadflax  by, 4028mdk09.

450px-Kleines_Löwenmaul 4028mdk09 WC Common ToadflaxThis last picture is of Globe Flowers  by, SehLax.

640px-Vessertal_trollblumen Globe FLower SehLax WC