A cold front came through last night. There was no rain. The temperature is about 20 F cooler. It will get warmer Saturday.

There are flowers that have two colors. They are lovely and go well in any garden. Purple and white have a nice contrast that sets them apart.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

Dalia  by, Ajor9333.

Fleur_perou_violet Ajor933 WCA type of Geranium  by, KorlAn.

Geranium_'Katherine_Adele'_02 KorlAN WCBy, JMLebs.360px-Fritillaria_meleagris_audubon JiM LebsTer WCBY, Michael Apel.

Centaurea_cyanus_MichaD_white Michael Apel WCThe last two pictures are of Irises. The first one isn’t seen around here as much as the second one.

By, Rillke.

226px-Iris_germanica_Crenoline Rillke WCBy, KorlAn.

360px-Iris_'Rumyaniy_Rassvet'_02 KorlAn WC