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Boxwood are very slow-growing bushes. They live a long time. There are different kinds of Boxwood and I am showing the ones that are commonly uses as hedges. They are used around foundations of buildings.
I think Boxwoods smell, but I could be wrong.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons, except for the last one. I took that one.

The first two pictures were taken by Decouens.

Boxwood leaves, close up.

BuisFeuille Deider Decouens WCBoxwood flowers.

Buisfleurs Deider Descouens WCBoxwood branches  by, KVOP.

306px-Softwood_stemcuttings KVDP WCBy, ramoline alm.

IMG_2740.JPG_(8056658254) ramonline alm WCBy, Adrian Dzienniak.

Adrian Dzienniak WCBy, Frank Vincenze.

Staelen_-_Haus_Caen_10_ies Frank Vincenze WCBy, JLPC.

Buis_taillé_FR_2013 JLPC WCLast picture.

mls boxwood