I found pictures of different kinds of red and white flowers. They are striking and do stand out wherever they are located.
You can used these colored flowers with all colors. You can also use them with red flowers or white flowers.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

By, Antonio solera.

320px-Lirio_de_Costa_Rica Antonio solera WCBy, David Shafer.

496px-Valentine_flowers Dave Shafer WCCarnation  by, olepascuel.

olepascual WC carnationDahlia  by, Biwarup Gangyly.

320px-Dahlia_3942 Biswarup Gangyly WCBy, Prann.

360px-Clerodendrum_thomsoniae_02 Prann WCThis last picture is of a Columbine  by, Stegeman.

Columbine_(Aquilegia_caerulea)_-_1 Stegeman WC