Bee Eaters are a large family of different categories of birds. The are all colorful They have long beaks. They live mostly in Africa, Asia and Southern Europe.
Bee Eaters live together in groups. Males and females form pairs and stay with each other. When there are babies, all of the group takes care of them.
People bring flowers to their sweeties. Male Bee Eaters bring bees.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

Green Bee Eaters enjoying a dust bath.

J M Garg WCBlue Tailed Bee Eater  by, Ravi Vandyanathan.

451px-Blue_tailed_bee_eater1 Ravi Vaidyanathan WCNo name  by, Rola Shekbar.

Nyctyornis_athertoni C S Raja Shekhar WCEuropean Bee Eater pair  by, Rashuli.

318px-European_bee_eater Rashuli WCRed Bearded Bee Eater  by, S King.

360px-Red-bearded_bee-eater S King WCThis last picture is of a Blue – throated pair  by, Lip Kee Yap from Singapore, Republic of Singapore.

Blue-throated_Bee-eater_Courtship_offering Lip Kee Yap from Singapore, Republic of Singapore WC