If you go to Belgium, spend time just walking and looking around. There are beautiful places that are captivating.
I have been sick and am on the way to recovery. My posts will be simple and not much writing.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

Hydroelectric plant  by, Marc Lambert.

Barrages_de_l'Eau_d'Heure;_Barrage_de_la_Plate_Taille Marc Lambert WCThe rest of the pictures were taken by Jean – Pol GRANDMONT.

Ambly, in winter.

Ambly_Vil1JPG Jean Pol GRANMONT WCAmbly in spring or summer.

640px-Ambly_Vil2JPG Jean Pol GRANDMONT WC0_Anseremme_-_Rochers_de_Freÿr_(1) Jean Pol GRANDMONT WCSolre – sur – Sambre in spring.

00_Solre-sur-Sambre_JPG04 Jean Pol GRANDMONT WCChateau de Walzin.

0_Dréhance_-_Château_de_Walzin_(2) Jean Pol GRANDMONT WC