Sometimes when I walk by gardens or other places where flowers are growing, I don’t notice the white flowers growing there. They seem to almost hide behind the brightly colored blooms.

I found six pictures of lovely white flowers.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

By, Walter Sigmund.

320px-Holodiscus_discolor_3007 Walter Sigmund WCTulips by Ariel Palmon.

360px-Keukenhof_ap_0040 Ariel Palmon WCWhiring Butterflies  by, J.J. Harrison.

320px-Gaura_lindheimeri_Whirling_Butterflies J J Harrison WCEuropean Waterlily  by, DerHexer.

320px-Nymphaea_alba_in_Duisburg DerHexer WCFairy Lily  by, KENPEI.

320px-Zephyranthes_candida2 Fairy Lily KENPEI WCRose, Mrs. Herbert Stevens  by, Laitche.

320px-Mrs._Herbert_Stevens_May_2008 Laitche WC