I wasn’t sure what to write about today. Some of the ideas I had seems a tad ick for today and can be done another time.

I found these great pictures of pink flowers. You’ll notice that a lot of the pictures just say pink flower. That’s because the person taking the picture didn’t know the name of the flower. That didn’t stop he or she from taking the lovely pictures.  I’m sure the flowers don’t mind if someone doesn’t know their names.

The Pink Flower Tamil Nadu  by, Livingstone

Pink Flower  by, Louise Docker

Pink FLower  by, ottoshi intel

Pink Flower  by, Kotzian

I may have gotten the photographers names mixed up in the last two pictures. Half of my brain didn’t get up this morning.

Pink Flowers, Adelaide  by, Dinkum

Pink Flower, Israeli lowland  by Yuvair

Pink Flower, dew  by, Booksworm

Flower pink,  by, Mattanons (I may have spelled it wrong)

Ocean Park pink flowers, Hong Kong  by, Dickwa Sean

Pink Mexican Aster, Orcas Island WA, USA  by, Cior