Australia Day is on January 26 and dates back to when the First Fleet left England in 1787. It’s like the United States celebration of July 4th.
Robert Hughes wrote the book, The Fatal Shore, a history of British settlement in Australia.
He was born on July 28, 1938 in Australia and died on August 6, 2012 in Manhattan, New York.
I thought that showing pictures of where the First Fleet landed and all that would be boring. I chose to show pictures of the Taronga Zoo animals in Sydney, Australia. I follow the zoo on Twitter and recently they had a tweet with a link to their new Zebra youngster. That’s what gave me the idea to show just a small portion of the zoo.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

The Maps.
The first map is a map of the world by, Cantuckguy along with others. I drew a blue arrow to show the continent of Australia.

BlankMap-World6.svg png Cantuckguy and others WC auThe second map shows Australia. I drew the pink circle showing the location of Sydney. I didn’t find a map with larger text. I can’t upload the large version of this map because it won’t upload. This map is by, Thomas Steiner.

500px-Australia_map_(English).svg png Thomas Steiner WC au

This is the main Entrance of Toronga Zoo  by, Lory Jane.

398px-Taronga_Zoo_-entrance-29March2007 Lory Jane WC

This is a view of Sydney Harbor from the Toronga Zoo  by, Richard Ling.

640px-Sydney_from_Taronga_Zoo Richard Ling WCThis picture is a delightful composition. The two animals are Giraffes  by, Jan Derk.

529px-Sydney_taronga_zoo Jan Derk WCTwo Dingos  by, Bill Gieson.

640px-Dingos_at_Taronga_Zoo Bill Gieson WCTwo Kangaroos  by, Ignacio Catalina.

640px-Kangaroo_@Taronga_Zoo_-_Sydney Ignacio Catalina WCAlso by Ignacio Catalina, a sleeping Koala.

Koala_@Taronga_Zoo_-_Sydney Ignacio Catalina WCTwo elephants, mother and child  by, Calistermon.

640px-Taronga_Zoo_Elephant_4 Calistermon WCA female Black Cockatoo  by, Brenda Clark.

400px-Calyptorhynchus_latirostris_-Taronga_Zoo_(female)-8a Brenda Clark WCAn Alsterus Scapularis  by, Andy.

375px-Alisterus_scapularis_-Taronga_Zoo_-Sydney-8a  Andy WCThis last picture is of the 3 month old Zebra, taken by the Taronga Zoo.

proxy Neo 3 mos old Taronga zoo.